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With regards to photography there are plenty of accessories you are able to own, in my opinion not one of them are as useful as a good tripod. If you're into landscape photography then having a tripod is essential. If you don't understand what tripod to obtain then don't be concerned, sit back and on reading because in the following paragraphs I will let you know about all the good tripods available to fit your budget.

Cash is no option - Gitzo GT3541

If spending $800 on a tripod alone doesn't sound best to you then I can tell where your coming from, however since you may have discovered previously purchasing a top quality item always saves you money in the long run. I currently own this model Gitzo and I absolutely love it. After i spent the $800 around the tripod I figured to myself what have I done, however after constant use and abuse the Gitzo has matched what I wanted it to do every single time.

Exactly why I really like this tripod is that it's completely carbon fibre; you won't find any aluminum here. Exactly why graphite is much better is that it's lighter, stronger and vibrations are dampened going through it, this all leads to one thing, better image quality. In case your hoping to get an aluminum tripod, don't.

I've absolutely battered this tripod, I've dropped it, banged it, scratched it and yet still it stands up such as the day I first pulled it out from the box. No doubt this tripod has saved us a lot of cash and I'm highly glad I purchased it.

manfrotto 055xprob

I can spend a little but not too much - Manfrotto 055XPROB

The Manfrotto 055xprob is an excellent tripod for those with around $200 to invest. It's sturdy, reliable and affordable nevertheless it does have some problems. The paint around the Manfrotto appears to come of quite easily, I am not the most careful with regards to taking care of tripods but having used the Manfrotto on a few separate occasions I did manage to scratch a substantial amount of paint off it, however this has nothing to use the overall excellence of the tripod having the ability to hold my DSLR camera in position.

Another small problem I've using the Manfrotto is that the centre Column consists of plastic, this is certainly not big of the problem however it will mean that you may have to be a a bit more careful to presenting this tripod which means you don't crack this plastic.

Redeeming features with this tripod include:

Quick action leg locks
Built in spirit level

Overall the Manfrotto 055XPROB is an excellent choice for photographers with little money to spend on a tripod.

manfrotto india

I've no budget - Dolica AX620B100

If you're looking for an easy, affordable tripod that merely will the job then the Dolica ax620b100 is a suitable tripod. The aluminum based tripod can hold up to 13lbs and it is ideal for any beginner DSLR photographer. Overall the tripod won't match the tripods above however this tripod can be purchased for under $40 so don't expect to complement the Manfrotto or Gitzo. It's simple, light and can be carried around all day long with no problems.

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